Old Pal flower is as classic as it gets. Available in Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, we keep it simple, like buying weed from back in the day. We utilize natural light, climates and cycles to grow quality cannabis, following Mother nature’s guide, keeping environmental impact top of mind. All of this to provide you quality weed that’s a pleasure to puff and 100% compliant to state testing.

Palitos Pre-Rolls (.35g)

Small in size, mighty in good vibes. Old Pal Palitos offer a convenient and fun way to share good times with your favorite buds. Each pack of these “little pals” contains 10 mini joints filled with 0.35g of premium sungrown weed.

Pre-Rolls (.5g)

Each of these delightful doob tubes contains two half-gram joints filled with high-quality flower ground for optimal smoking consistency. Smoke one yourself, share one with a pal, and transcend to higher places together.

Special Blue

Special Blue is our premium line of cannabis, focusing on single strain offerings with potency levels always 25% THC or higher. These craft batch offerings are hand-trimmed and available only while supplies last at select dispensary partners.

Available in CA + NV

The Original Ready to Roll

Everything you need to elevate your adventure. Our Ready to Roll resealable pouches include whole, pre-ground flower, unbleached hemp rolling papers, and crutches.

Available in CA + NV + MI + OH

Classic Shareable™ Whole Flower

Nothing beats classic, sun-kissed cannabis. Each bag contains shareable flower, grown with love and ready to lift the spirits of you and your friends.

Available in CA + NV + OK + WA

Where to Find Old Pal Flower

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